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Demise by way of Euphoria. Dysgenics. inhabitants dying Spiral. Genetic Superhumans. Geomagnetic Reversal. Galactic Collision. Strangelets. even if we adore it or no longer, everything's going to return to a gorgeous disagreeable halt on our planet at some point soon sooner or later. What we do not be aware of is what shape our extinction is probably going to take. during this available and wonderful publication, acclaimed author Alok Jha explains the head-spinning apocalyptic technology at the back of 50 scary doomsday situations.

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And that is just in a single city: how many of the people you infected went to other cities or hopped on a plane to another country? Within a day, one case could have become a dozen. In a week, thousands could be infected around the world. It’s not just death that causes problems You might be forgiven for thinking that any modern anxiety about pandemics is hyperbole. There have been major pandemics throughout human history (the Black Death in 1348 killed a third of Europe’s population), but civilization did not end.

Robock calculated what might happen if this “mother load” of weapons were detonated against urban targets in the US and Russia. Hundreds of millions of people would be killed, and a whopping 180 million tons of soot would be thrown into the atmosphere. Average temperatures would remain below freezing for many years in major agricultural regions. There is little that will prevent any country determined to produce nuclear weapons from doing so. And there is no sign that countries want to be told what to do by superpower nations that already hold thousands of nuclear warheads.

Three types of attack Terrorists will attack law-abiding populations with every means at their disposal—knives, guns or explosives—to get attention for themselves and their cause. Their intent is to strike fear and keep it running high for as long as possible. To get what they want, they need citizens to believe that an attack is imminent at any time. And they have to do it without the resources or funds normally available to governments fighting military conflicts. In such circumstances, a dirty bomb is disproportionately deadly.

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