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This intelligence stems from the nature of absolute consciousness itself. Therefore this enforced reaction was stored as a source of response somewhere in the system of circuits themselves. This reaction can be likened to an enlarged and overactive channel, which not only connects directly into some response pattern but also tends to channel stimulus which is not connected with the original occurrence or even with closely related occurrences. The size and sensitivity of this particular circuit tends to cause it to be activated by and consequently to interfere with a host of unrelated occurrences.

It is our own lack of forgiveness and our own inability to feel responsible for our actions and efforts that have led us to this point of view. Our indolence is fully borne out by the fact that we link the idea of inborn sin to the idea of Divine intervention (in the form of Grace for our salvation) in such a way that we put the whole process of our qualitative and spiritual development firmly into the hands of outside agencies, so that we can sit back and do nothing for ourselves and still blame someone else for whatever happens.

If these people illtreat one another, they will take it in turns to bear the brunt of such treatment until they learn better. Similarly, good parents will attract higherlevel children and give to them high-tone potentialities of which the children are able to make good use of. Although it would seem right for all children to have the best parents, this is not possible and would in any case be a wasteful process, since it would reduce the quantity of experience available. Children who are not highly evolved are not able to take advantage of certain conditions which more evolved souls are able to do.

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