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By Rachel Nordlinger, Felicity Meakins

This quantity is a grammatical description of Bilinarra, an endangered Australian language. This paintings attracts on fabrics amassed over a 20-year interval from the final first-language audio system of the language, so much of whom have considering that passed on to the great beyond. certain recognition is paid to all features of the grammar, with all examples supplied with linked sound records.

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John Lort Stokes was the first gardiya ‘non-Aboriginal person’ to enter the VRD in 1839; however, the first major expedition was undertaken by the Gregory brothers, Francis and Henry, between 1855 and 1856. What they found were grassy plains and a large river system considered suitable for pastoralism (Lewis 2012: 11–12, 21 onwards). In 1883 Victoria River Downs Station was established on Bilinarra and Karrangpurru (also known as the Karranga) country by Fisher and Lyons (Makin 1999: 43 onwards).

Marks on children were often attributed to the father’s hunting practices before their birth. For example, harelips were caused by fathers ripping the lips of barramundi, and dimples were the result of spearing kangaroos. 4) and laid in coolamons. Both of these practices ensured that children grew up with strong backs and hips to prepare them for crawling and walking, and ultimately their adult life ahead. These beliefs about the children and their health remain strong for the Bilinarra, although the food taboos for pregnant women are no longer practised.

The phoneme inventory contains five places of articulation for stops which all have corresponding nasals (bilabial, apico-alveolar, retroflex (apico–post-alveolar), (alveo)palatal and velar); three laterals (apico-alveolar, retroflex and palatal); two rhotics (a trill/flap and a retroflex continuant), two glides ([w], [j]) and three vowels ([ɐ], [ɪ] and [ʊ]). Among the stops, voicing is not phonemically distinctive, neither are features such as stress or pitch. 1). 4). 1). 2). Bilinarra is morphologically agglutinative and suffixing.

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