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By D. W. Gilchrist Shirlaw and J. E. Nichols (Auth.)

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For sandy soils about half an inch barium sulphate is placed in the bottom of the tube; for loams 1 in. is used and for clay soils l£ in. 2. T h e soil sample is added to give a total depth of 2 in. 3. Distilled water is added to the depth of the lower graduation on the tube. 4. T h e soil indicator solution is now added, sufficient to bring the level of the liquid to the upper graduation. 5. T h e tube is closed with a rubber bung, well shaken and then allowed to stand until the clear coloured solution above the soil can be readily compared with the colours on the chart.

THE DETERMINATION OF CARBONATE BY TITRATION The third method for determining calcium carbonate depends on the neutralization of a standard volume of normal hydrochloric acid and back titration with standard sodium hydroxide. Reagents required N / 1 0 hydrochloric acid and N / 1 0 sodium hydroxide are needed. Both these reagents can most conveniently be prepared from concentrated volumetric reagents. Phenolphthalein (1 per cent solution in alcohol) is used as the indicator. 30 A PRACTICAL COURSE IN AGRICULTURAL CHEMISTRY Procedure 1.

Reagents required 1. Saturated ammonium oxalate. 2. Approximately 2 normal hydrochloric acid prepared by diluting 20 ml of the concentrated acid to 100 ml with distilled water. 3. Approximately normal potassium permanganate prepared by dissolving 3 g of potassium permanganate ,in 100 ml distilled water. 4. Hydrogen peroxide 20 vols. T H E ANALYSIS O F SOILS 49 Procedure 1. 10 ml of the soil extract are pipetted into a 15-ml centrifuge tube and 1 ml of saturated ammonium oxalate added. This precipitates the calcium as the oxalate.

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