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By Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Edward DeLos Myers

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THE CAUSE OF THE BREAKDOWNS OF CIVILIZATIONS io it happens, however, our Western cosmologists part company from their Hellenic confreres at this point for they present us with a Time-chart in which human history and cosmic history are plotted on such utterly different scales that, from the practical standpoint, they can be regarded as being quite out of relation with one another. As ; Taking a very gloomy view of the future of the Human Race, let us it can only expect to survive for two thousand million a period about equal to the past age of the Earth.

I, pp. 40-1 iii, pp. 166-7 *nd 170-1, above, and IV. C (n) (a), in the present volume, pp. 48-9, and IV. C (in) (c) 3 (fl), below. pp. 505-10, 3 For the work of SS. Benedict and Gregory see III. C (n) (ft), vol. iii, pp. 264-9, above. 1 significance of the Napoleonic Western Germany is ; 20 THE CAUSE OF THE BREAKDOWNS OF CIVILIZATIONS they to hold their own against the formidable intruders by adopting the Hellenic Civilization of their own accord and on their own terms, and thereby raising themselves to the Greek and Etruscan level of cultivation and efficiency ?

Western. T. SAEVA NECESSITAS' 13 of days which is accurately known in advance. The Romans defined their concepts of pueritia, adulescentia, iuventus, virilitas, senectus with an absolutely mathematical exactitude. The Biology of the future will undoubtedly find the point of departure for an entirely new formulation of its problems in the concept of the pre-ordained life-span of the genera and species. The span of a generation whatever creature may be in question is a numerical value of almost mystical significance.

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