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By Arnold Joseph Toynbee, Edward DeLos Myers, Royal Institute of International Affairs

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60-68, especially the account, on pp. D. 980, at the Caliphial Court of Baghdad, by the Buwayhid 'mayor of the palace' 'Adud-ad-Dawlah, who chose the occasion of his presentation of an ambassador from his fellow heretic the Fatimid anti-Caliph at Cairo as his moment for obtaining from the 'Abbasid Caliph TaY a formal commission to exercise those plenary powers of government the Caliph's dominions which he had long since usurped de facto. 5 For the contrast between the of barbarian conquerors who retain fortunes respective an heretical form of religion or a tinge of alien culture and those w ho adopt the culture and faith of the subject population which they have taken over from a derelict universal state, see V.

By de Slane, Baron McG. ), vol. i, p. 379. 1 See V. v. 252 and 358 In the former passage, the Sanhaja have been correctly described as Sunnis but incorrectly as Murabits In the latter passage, the deposition of the Fatimids in Egypt has been erroneously ascribed to Saladin's uncle and companion in arms Shirkuh, who died before the process of extinguishing the Fatimids was completed by Saladin in A D. 1171. 2 For the Buwayhids, see I. i 356 and V. v. 358. 3 In this device for saving Roman 'face', Theodonc had been anticipated by his predecessor and victim Odovacer.

LAWS OF NATURE* IN THE HISTORIES OF CIVILIZATIONS i. The War-and-Peace History . Struggles for Existence between Parochial States The War-and-Peace The War-and-Peace Cycle in . 234 234 Modern and post-Modern Western Cycle in post- Alexandrine Hellenic History Cycle in post- Confucian Sinic History . 234 260 271 A Synoptic View of the Currency of the War-and-Peace Cycle in the Histories of the Western, Hellenic, and 2. Smic The Civilizations Disintegrations and Growths of Societies 'Laws of Nature' in the Disintegrations of Civilizations 'Laws of Nature' in the Growths of Civilizations .

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