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By Frans H. van Eemeren, Rob Grootendorst

Experts in argumentation conception current a view of argumentation as a method of resolving variations of opinion via checking out the acceptability of the disputed positions. Their version of a "critical discussion" serves as a theoretical instrument for examining, comparing and generating argumentative discourse. This significant contribution to the examine of argumentation could be of specific price to execs and graduate scholars in speech conversation, casual common sense, rhetoric, serious considering, linguistics, and philosophy.

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In this respect, there is a certain affinity with the so-called “reception theory” as practiced in literary, dramatic, and other arts disciplines. Persuasion research concentrates in particular on the extent to which argumentation is successful in practice, and pays attention to questions such as: Do the rhetorical categories that are distinguished on theoretical grounds really have the effect that is ascribed to them? What kind of starting points and what kind of argument schemes work best on a particular type of audience?

If the rabbi goes with the epistemo-rhetorical current, and is a genuine rhetorician with an anthropologico-relativistic philosophy of reasonableness, he will have to find out whether the argumentation is successful in persuading the audience for which it is intended, and he also has to discover why this is so. In our example, this would amount to a simple self-investigation. In other cases, however, the rabbi would have to investigate exactly what the reactions of the target group are to the statements in question.

A comprehensive research program must therefore 40 A systematic theory of argumentation cover all the five domains. A comparison with the constituent elements of a state may perhaps help to clarify matters somewhat further. To function satisfactorily, a state has to have a constitution, whether written or unwritten (the philosophical estate). The state requires specific laws and other rules and regulations in order to know how the intricacies of daily life should be properly dealt with (the theoretical estate).

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