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By Harlow Shapley, Samuel Rapport, Helen Wright


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But Agassiz was waiting, and the world was waiting, for those turtle eggs; and I would wait. It was all I could do, for there is no use bringing a "I week to the end of the first in June, seeing the mists rise china nest egg to a turtle; she is not open to any such delicate suggestion. "Then came a mid-June Sunday morning, with dawn breaking a little after three: a warm, wide-awake dawn, with the level mist lifted from the level surface of the pond a full hour higher than I had seen it any morning before.

All of us, an emotion shapes and forms the scientist's life; the same time an intellectual discipline molds his thinking, stamping there As his teeth into, we are fighting for. inner nature of science within the scientist direct relation to all that is is true of him with a character as marked as a seaman's although much less widely understood. To an outsider who does not know of this emotion, the scientist suggests an ant, putting forth great efforts to lug one insignificant and apparently unimportant grain of sand to be added to a pile, and much of the time his 21 SCIENCE 22 AND THE SCIENTIST struggle seems as pointless as an ant's.

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