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Тот, кто шьет для детей полюбит, это обновленное издание. Первый тираж 1988 г. был распродан свыше 200000 экземпляров. Это пересмотренное издание включает в себя сотни цветных фотографий и множество простых и оригинальных инструкций. Это практическое руководство, которое позволяет легко шить одежду и аксессуары для младенцев, детей младшего возраста и детей школьного возраста.

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You can decorate smaller jars for your set by using smaller rubber bands. Another idea! Putting a rubber band around a jar lid creates a grip that will make the lid easier to open. 43 Twist-off caps from soda and water bottles are a must for your craft box! Peepers Pal Here is what you need: 6-inch (15-cm) black pipe cleaner clear plastic soda or water bottle two identical twist-off soda or water-bottle caps white craft glue scissors two small black buttons Here is what you do: Cut two circles from the plastic bottle slightly bigger around than the caps.

Foil Fish Race Here is what you need: black permanent marker aluminum foil two straws Here is what you do: Squeeze a square of aluminum foil into the shape of a fish. Start by squeezing the foil into a ball, then pinching one end to form the tail. Place the fish in water to see that it floats well. Make small adjustments to the shape to make the fish float well and in an upright position. Use the black marker to add eyes and fins to the fish. 38 Make a second fish. Find a friend and race the fish in water.

Com Sharon Lane Holm, a resident of Fairfield, Connecticut, won awards for her work in advertising design before shifting her concentration to children’s books. Her recent books include Happy New Year, Everywhere! and Merry Christmas, Everywhere! by Arlene Erlbach. com. Together, Kathy Ross and Sharon Lane Holm have created The Best Christmas Crafts Ever! and the Big Book of Christian Crafts, as well as the All New Holiday Crafts for Kids series which includes All New Crafts for Halloween, All New Crafts for Easter, and All New Crafts for Thanksging.

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