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This A-Z, cross-referenced and illustrated name presents a distinct evaluation of the interval following the Civil conflict in the course of the emergence of the USA as a global strength on the finish of worldwide struggle I. The set positive aspects greater than 250 survey entries. topics comprise: political issues (Reform, Women's Suffrage); principles in context (Scientific Materialism, Darwinism); values (Assimilation, Success); society (Labor, Mass Marketing); genres (Science Fiction, warfare Writing); well known leisure (Baseball, Boxing); publishing (Scribner's Magazine); works of literature and nonfiction ("Billy Budd," "The thought of the rest Class"); and masses extra. The research of quite a lot of classics in American literature, considered as cultural and historic files, cultivates serious abilities in studying texts from a number of views, together with aesthetic, biographical, social, ancient, racial and gendered. besides its better half name at the interval protecting 1820 to 1870, this set offers a finished evaluation of a key century in American ancient and literary reviews.

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No! it is not that I belong to the past, but that the past belongs to me. America is the youngest of the nations, and inherits all that went before it in history. And I am the youngest of America’s children, and into my hands is given all her priceless heritage, to the last white star espied through the telescope, to the last great thought of the philosopher. Mine is the whole majestic past, and mine is the shining future. Antin, The Promised Land, p. 286. REINTERPRETING AMERICAN VALUES Antin suggests her story, and others like it, prove how the American commitment to freedom and equality is more than just words.

Social situations and small talk were painful to him, and speaking in public was an ordeal he attempted to avoid at all costs. Despite these traits, however, he was able to attract a group of close friends who valued his seriousness, his intelligence, and his character. His educational career was erratic: he entered Harvard in 1886 and left in L I T E R A T U R E , 1 8 7 0 – 1 9 2 0 911 THE PROMISE OF AMERICAN LIFE 1899, still not the recipient of a bachelor’s degree. He had toyed with the idea of studying and teaching philosophy (taking classes with the illustrious philosophers William James, Josiah Royce, and George Santayana) but deemed himself unsuited for that vocation.

15. ” This insight, first quipped in 1869, was not lost on charlatans such as George Hull, Stub Newell, Charles Dawson, and Smith Woodward. ” Hull was an atheist who had argued with an evangelical Christian about a line from Genesis: “There were giants in the earth in those days” (Gen. 6:4). Hull schemed with his brother-in-law to add one more “fossil” to the many already discovered in a region near Cardiff, New York. After ordering three thousand pounds of gypsum and hiring a stonecutter to make a “petrified giant,” Hull and Newell buried the fake giant in a marsh, where it was “discovered” in 1869 by well diggers.

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