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Drip Irrigation approach is now a longtime approach to irrigation in water scarce components however it can be gaining value in water ample parts. during this know-how, the cropped box is irrigated within the shut neighborhood of root region of crop. It reduces water loss happening via evaporation, conveyance and distribution. accordingly excessive water use potency could be completed.

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32 kg/l is available for fertigation. Find the fertilizer injection rate to apply 40 kg/ha of elemental nitrogen. The irrigation and fertilizing time are 8 hrs and 4 hrs respectively. 42 kg/l Using Eq. 6. Sources of fertilizers Commercial P-fertilizers may also precipitate in the irrigation pipe networks and reacts with ions present in the irrigation water such as Ca or Mg. Therefore, when choosing the P fertilizer for fertigation, besides solubility, we must take care to avoid P-Ca and P-Mg precipitation in the irrigation lines and emitters.

44 AN INTRODUCTION TO DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM • Organic debris Removal of above mentioned impurities is essential for efficient and trouble-free operation of a drip irrigation system which necessitates the use of proper filters. 1. Selection of Filters While selecting filters for the drip irrigation system, the following factors are considered. • The physical quality of water such as the concentration and pattern of the impurities, suspended solids and organic matter. • The chemical nature of water such as pH level, and presence of sediments forming chemical elements and possible reaction with the injected fertilizers when fertigation is applied.

However, soil moisture regimes similar to those resulting from continual low water application rates can be achieved by means of pulsed drip irrigation. Infiltration experiments on a sandy loam soil showed that the water content distribution and the rate of wetting front advance under a pulsed water application were similar to water applied in a continuous manner, and those temporal fluctuations in flux and in soil water content exponentially damped with depth for periodic pulses 16 AN INTRODUCTION TO DRIP IRRIGATION SYSTEM applied at the soil surface.

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