Download Analog VLSI Neural Networks: A Special Issue of Analog by Yoshiyasu Takefuji (auth.), Yoshiyasu Takefuji (eds.) PDF

By Yoshiyasu Takefuji (auth.), Yoshiyasu Takefuji (eds.)

This ebook brings jointly in a single position vital contributions and state of the art study within the speedily advancing sector of analog VLSI neural networks.
The e-book serves as an exceptional reference, supplying insights into probably the most vital matters in analog VLSI neural networks examine efforts.

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2 MOS Transistor in Linear Region A linear approximation for the resistance of aMOS transistor biased in its linear region, is derived in [10]: R = [t JP,Cox(Vga~e - VT ) In order to keep the transistor in its linear region for input and output voltages ranging from 0 to Vmax' the VG - VT must be larger than Vmax ' Using a minimal width Wrnin , the Rarea is Full Analog CMOS Integration of Very Large Time Constants for Synaptic Transfer R area = 1 V Il ox max W2min C This is an overestimation of the area efficiency since the area of the nonlinearity canceling circuitry [10] is not included in this approximation.

This results in an area efficiency reduction of about 2. The difference for the Carea value is due to the area overhead of the switches and of extra area needed for splitting the capacitor in a parallel connection. For the bias circuit (AI) the omission of cascode transistors introduce also a considerable deviation from the optimized values. The real total area is the double of the optimized value due to all the above variations in parameters. 4 times the area of the capacitors because the deviation of the Rarea is bigger than for the Carea parameter.

Will increase both capacitance at the feedback node and the bypass current which discharges capacitance at the input node via M 1 and M2. A) at the initial cycle in dc tests. Simulations indicate the circuit to be operable at a clocking speed of 10 MHz. 2. 5 V total amplitude (control gate to drain) were used, applied in pulses of several durations and rise times. Positive-going control gate pulses overlapped negative-going drain pulses to prevent channel current flow. Figure 10 depicts shift in transistor threshold voltage (relative to the control gate) observed in one of these tests.

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