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A construction code calls for that outside air air flow charges conform to ASHRAE sixty two (latest version). A fashion designer has designed in step with ASHRAE 62-1989, multi-unit smoking-permitted eating places. For the consumer portion of a cafe having an occupancy of two hundred humans, the air flow cost is 2 hundred humans x 20 cfm/person = 4000 cfm. The clothier now has a role for an additional approximately exact eating place unit situated in a geographic quarter coated by way of the aforementioned code. Addendum e got rid of the assertion from desk 2 that air flow premiums accommodate "a average quantity of smoke". Now it really is doubtful even if the air flow fee approach of part 6.1 of ASHRAE normal 62-1999, using desk 2, can now be used to calculate air flow premiums for multi-unit smoking-permitted eating places.

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Yes. 17 INTERPRETATION IC 62-1989-16 OF ASHRAE STANDARD 62-1989 VENTILATION FOR ACCEPTABLE INDOOR AIR QUALITY June 26, 1994 Request from: Bruce F. , 5117 University Avenue, Madison, WI 53705 Reference. 1. Background. 1 Multiple Spaces states in part: "Where more than one space is served by a common supply system, the ratio of outdoor to supply air required to satisfy the ventilation and thermal control requirements may differ from space to space. " Mr. 1 if the required rates of acceptable outdoor air in Table 2 are provided to each space.

No Comments. The "divide by ten" guide is an attempt to give a sense of the concentration of concern for various chemicals where indoor air standards do not exist. This guide is not provided in professional hygiene documents and there is no consensus within the industrial hygiene community as to its appropriateness. (Note ASHRAE conference proceedings IAQ92 Environments for People, including the discussion at the end of the Peter Breysse paper, pp. ) Any attempt to use this rule in a precise way, as implied by this question, is contrary to its intended use as a scale factor.

Yet most buildings operate with duct humidities in excess of 70 percent without complaints. Standards Project Committee 62-1981R believes there is urgent need for research to provide more data on why not all susceptible buildings experience poor indoor air quality. 3 INTERPRETATION IC 62-1989-3 OF ASHRAE STANDARD 62-1989 VENTILATION FOR ACCEPTABLE INDOOR AIR QUALITY April 4, 1993 Request from: Preston E. 1, Outdoor Air Ventilation Requirements - Commercial Facilities. Background: Dr. 1 lacks a recommended ventilation rate for court rooms.

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