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With cord and peg one may trace a half circle pointing northwards around the pole or pillar at a distance determined by previous observation somewhat beyond the reach of the shortest shadow of the day. The watcher must then wait until the tip of the shadow touches the circular arc successively before and after mid-day, marking each point. Bisection of the angle between the 29 (a) ,/ / / I I / , I -----0 "- -, '\ \ \ \ \ The legacy of the TerT1rJle 53 pole or pillar and these two points precisely fixes the position of the noon shadow.

Alike for a temple wall and the base of a pyramid, how to make a right angle on the horizontal plane was essential to the construction. We may infer that the temple architects first used the familiar Euclidian recipe rule and compass which serves also as a means of dissecting a line (Fig. 27). B "" "" , "" , r "" , ,, '\: depends on a recipe for making a set square on sand or soil. This method (Fig. 28) takes advantage of the fact that one angle of a triangle is a right angle, if the lengths of its sides are in the ratio 3:4 :5, the right angle itself being the The Legacy of the Temple 51 28.

E. pairs of pillars supporting a single horizontal stone; of these only two are now complete. e. the rising sun of midsummer day (Fig. 19). The middle trilithon at the opposite end was higher (22 feet) than the two at the free end (about 16 feet). e. three stones. Pyramids and Temp\es 35 19 Sunrise of rrudsummer day Stonehenge weather, it is still evident that the edges and surfaces had been fashioned with great care and skill. The latter do not lie loosely on the former, but have peg and hole junctures.

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