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By Jay B. Holberg

Of the entire fastened stars within the evening sky, Sirius is by way of some distance the brightest – nearly two times as vibrant as its nearest rival, the superstar Canopus, which lies too some distance south to be considered from many of the Northern Hemisphere. merely the solar, Moon and the planets Venus, Jupiter and, now and then, Mars, seem brighter. Sirius, with its flashing brilliance, is a outstanding function of the northern wintry weather sky and has understandably drawn the eye of observers of the evening sky for millions of years.
Sirius has many names. Astronomers realize over fifty designations for the megastar, however the most ordinarily used is Alpha Canis Majoris, the brightest famous person within the constellation Canis significant. This isLatin for the 'Great Dog', which has ended in its well known nickname the ‘Dog Star’. Over the centuries many ideals have turn out to be linked to Sirius. a few of these ideals nonetheless echo in such words as ‘the puppy days of summer’, which the traditional Romans understood good. different outdated ideals in the past fell from public cognizance — merely to be revived and to develop into sleek well known and clinical controversies. even if those ideals could appear particularly fresh, many have their origins within the old lore surrounding Sirius; people look obviously attracted to its brilliance, and a shocking variety of sleek cults have nucleated round ideals within which Sirius performs a admired position.

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Even then, it was the motion of the earth and not its centrality that was the chief issue. Most discussions of Copernicus rightfully focus on his removal of the earth from the center of the universe and of planetary motion, and its replacement by the sun. However, Copernicus also made several revolutionary changes with respect to the stars. First and foremost he stopped the stars from madly whirling overhead on a daily basis and set them at rest. He not only halted the stars but he established them, along with the sun, as the fixed and immobile components of the universe.

Later Mesopotamian names include Kal-bu, "the dog" and Kakab-lik-u, "the star of the dog". The Phoenicians were said to have called it Hannabeah, "the Barker". There are also numerous and intriguing associations of Sirius with dogs and wolves from throughout North America. To the Alaskan Inuit of the Bering Straits, Sirius is the "Moon Dog". When the moon comes near Sirius, high winds will follow. Among the Tohono O'odham of the southwestern deserts, Sirius is the dog that follows mountain sheep, a description that was shared with the Seri who lived to the south along the Gulf of California, in Mexico.

Tycho, who already doubted Ptolemy's model, was unable to detect the parallax of any star and this led him to also doubt Copernicus' moving earth. His solution was to develop his own hybrid model of the universe with a central, rotating, but otherwise stationary, earth. In this geocentric model, the sun and the moon orbited the earth but all the other planets orbited the sun. The stars remained in a distant far off shell. One of the motivations for Tycho's observations was to gather precise measurements of the positions of the planets, in support of his "Tychonic System".

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