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After this short discussion the tropospheric concentration and sources of anthropogenic halocarbons will be mentioned. 3. g. Went, 1966)in the sixties. He recognized that natural volatile organic vapours (mostly terpenes) play an important part in the formation of atmospheric aerosol particles. In spite of the importance of these materials in the budget of the particulate matter, “perhaps less is known about the global sources, distribution and fluxes of organic matter than any other major class of chemical substances in the atmosphere” (Duce, 1978).

The data suggest that the level of chlorofluoromethanes is steadily iwreasing in the troposphere even in the air over the Southern Hemisphere. Thus, over Australia (Fraser and Pearman, 1978a) the CC1,F concentration increased at a rate of ' The pnrticuhte organic carbon is removed from the atmosphere by dry and wet deposition (see chapter 5). 'I More recent data suggest smalkr interhemispheric gradient. 08 Now The concentralion of HC1 in the troposphere IS ertimatd to be around I ppb. sews chlonne isthought t o be present IIS HCL The tropimphenc k v e l o l pscous bromine is much ku than the values gwn in the table 1 -a01 ppb) '.

19 % yrf The concentrations measured in clean air are practically constant with increasing altitude. The growing interest for the atmospheric study of halocarbons is explained by the fact that these substances rise by diffusion into the stratosphere where halogen compounds play a certain role in photochemical reactions. For the estimation of the importance of these processes the determination of the tropospheric residence time is of crucial interest. According to Sze and Wu (1976)the tropospheric lifetime of F11 is about 10 years while the corresponding value for F-12 is probably between 10 and 20 years.

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