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Typically the information he current are beautiful fascinating, yet they're awarded in how to frequently leaves me very harassed. Ecology and CAS are topics i've got studied individually and so I comprehend them either. even though, in his writing Levin usually is going on tangents, offers unrelated examples, and has a difficult time getting his aspect throughout.

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4). 6 million acres). S. 7 million hectares (6943 million acres). If all people in the world had the same lifestyle and level of consumption as the average American, and assuming no changes in technology, we would need four additional planets the size of Earth. As developing nations increase their economic growth and improve their standard of living, more and more people in those countries purchase consumer goods. By the early 2000s, more new cars were sold annually in Asia than in North America and western Europe combined.

People overpopulation occurs when the environment is people overpopuworsening because there are too lation A situation many people, even if those peo- in which there are ple consume few resources per too many people in person. People overpopulation a given geographic area. is the current problem in many developing nations. In contrast, consumption consumption overpopulation overpopulation A situation in which results from the consumptioneach individual in a oriented lifestyles popular in population consumes highly developed countries.

Scientific conclusions are inferred from the available data and are not based on faith, emotion, or intuition. Scientists publish their findings in scientific journals, and other scientists examine and critique their work. A requirement of science is repeatability—that is, observations and experiments must produce consistent data when they are repeated. The scrutiny by other scientists reveals any inconsistencies in results or interpretation. These errors are discussed openly, and ways to eliminate them are developed.

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