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By S. Andrews

The 1798 uprising unleashed a paper struggle concerning modern historians and pro-Establishment literary reports. This quantity strains this paper-warfare opposed to the heritage of the Union, Catholic Emancipation, younger eire, Gladstone and the Fenians, Victoria's jubilees, the 1898 centenary and the South African struggle.

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The pastoral charge had led (says Musgrave) to the withdrawal of Catholic children from the free school at Waterford, while the Bishop's advice to Catholic soldiery is called' a gross falsehood, calculated to inflame the popish military against their officers'. Hussey's claim that Catholicism is suited to all political systems, is contrasted with Troy's statement that it is well suited to a republic, 'the establishment of which was the main object of the united irishmen'. And Hussey's condescending admission that 'it may well suit a small sect to regulate its creed and form of worship, according to the shape and form of government of the limited boundaries where that sect arose', is seen as an insult to the Established Church.

115 The reader must judge how far the following pages support that judgement. 2 Musgrave's Rebellions The decidedly one-sided debate about the character of the 1798 Rebellion took place against a background of varying reactions to the Act of Union. It was also coloured by the temporary distraction of Emmet's failed rebellion and by the revival of invasion fears when the Peace of Amiens collapsed. Sir Richard Musgrave's Memoirs of the different rebellions in Ireland was published in the first year of the Union (1801).

30 Musgrave's response to the gauntlet thrown down by Caulfield and Townshend was so swift that the Critical could notice it alongside the review already cited from the same issue. 31 The Critical Review leaves its readers to decide for themselves 'both upon the nature of the late sanguinary rebellion, as far as it is related to the doctrines and practice of the members of the catholic community, and upon the contradictory testimonials adduced by the Musgrave's Rebellions 27 antagonist writers before us'.

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