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"Yeats and girls" is a set of essays on W.B.Yeats which focuses upon his relation to girls; its severe and biographical methods hire feminist and psychoanalytic concept, and social anthropology. It covers such components as sexuality and its dynamic in his writing; his dating with Maud Gonne, Olivia Shakespear, Florence Farr and Edith Shackleon Heald and his past due drawback with impotence and lesbianism. His monetary and literary dating with woman Gregory is analyzed from some degree of view no longer his personal. His occult friendship with Dorothea Hunter is printed by way of newly stumbled on papers, together with her memoirs; whereas the arguable factor of his curiosity in eugenics and racial theories of intelligence is usually tested within the gentle of manuscripts and letters. different unpublished fabric within the quantity comprises Florence Farr's letters to Yeats, and a brand new poem. The 17 plates contain the tomb and coffin of Maud Gonne's first baby, Florence Farr's occult Egyptian shrine, and the final photo of Yeats.

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Yeats and Women: Yeats Annual No.9

"Yeats and girls" is a set of essays on W. B. Yeats which focuses upon his relation to girls; its severe and biographical ways hire feminist and psychoanalytic conception, and social anthropology. It covers such parts as sexuality and its dynamic in his writing; his dating with Maud Gonne, Olivia Shakespear, Florence Farr and Edith Shackleon Heald and his overdue predicament with impotence and lesbianism.

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His suffering, however, was not endured simply for the sake of the 24 Yeats Annual No. 9 printed text, even though the poems are the only justification he can offer to the world, and often to himself. There is no necessary connection between the labour in which "[A] line will take us hours maybe" and sexual deprivation, or detachment from humanity at large. The poems are the product- even the by-product -of the life of vision, to which he alludes in the 1908 Preface to The Wind Among the Reeds: When I wrote these poems I had so meditated over the images that came to me in writing "Ballads and Lyrics", "The Rose", and "The Wanderings of Oisin", and other images from Irish folk-lore, that they had become true symbols.

The poet's daughter is to be brainless and voiceless, rooted'' (quoted in Cullingford, YA 4-, p. 47). 12. "I came to hate her politics, my one visible rival" (Mem 63). 13. See MV11, 397; also Francis Stuart, Black List, SectionH (1971; London: Martin Brian and O'Keefe, 1975) pp. 30-3, for his side of the story. 14. Stuart, Black List, pp. 16, 19. Maud Gonne's distress over their sexual relationship is also apparent: "One night after lseult had come to bed with him they'd heard her mother calling her in her emotional voice outside Iseult's old room, and he'd felt her wince in his arms as its being revealed that they weren't in separate rooms" (p.

Questions of sanity aside, the significant element is Yeats's dominance in this symbiosis of minds: "I, who could not influence her actions, could dominate her inner being" (Mem 124). She was not alone in this; in nearly all of his accounts of shared visionary activity, Yeats emerges as the directing presence: "I had a crystal and showed many how to see in it, and an even larger number to see visions according to the method of my Order. A very considerable proportion would pass into trance and see what I called up as vividly as ever with the eye of the body" (Mem 70).

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